PRIVACY POLICY for Mammoth Orders App and Merchant Web Panel


With this Privacy Policy, you agree that you are enlightened about the processing of your personal data and that you consent to the use of your personal information / data as described below.


In this Privacy Policy, ("Mammoth Food") website ("Site") / during the operation of the mobile application, the Site / Mobile application users / members / visitors ("Data Owner") use Mammoth The terms and conditions regarding the use of personal data shared with Food or MammothFood generated by the Data Owner during the use of the Site are included. 

Preliminary Information: Any recorded information such as your personal information, location information, order information is not shared with third parties for advertising purposes. They are only collected in our database to increase the functionality of our application. A comprehensive explanation is available below.


Which Data Is Processed?


Your personal data processed by Mammoth Food has been categorized in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law (Law) as stated below. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the term "personal data" will cover the following information within the scope of the terms and conditions provided under this Privacy Policy.


Identity and Contact Information: name, surname, phone, address, workplace information, apartment information, e-mail address.


User Information, User Transaction Information and Financial Information: membership information, membership ID number, data about the date and time you use Mammth Food services, reasons for contacting Mammoth Food or Live Help, restaurant categories, errors during use, invoice and payment information, information of your customers' orders from you, balance information (data such as invoices sent to the user and receipt samples for payments received from users, invoice number, invoice amount, invoice date.)


Location Information: Specific or approximate location information about your location, such as GPS data, that we have obtained while using Mammoth Food's services.


Transaction Security Information: log in credential information, password information.


Marketing Information: information of your customers' order from you.


Request / Complaint Management Information: Requests and complaints you make on the Site and your comments on the Site.


Risk Management Information: IP address.


The data that has been anonymized within the framework of Articles 3 and 7 of the Law will not be considered as personal data in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned law and the processing activities related to this data will be carried out without being bound by the provisions of this Privacy Policy. For the application regarding whether your data is processed or not, see. Mammoth Food's Policy on Processing and Protection of Personal Data.


What is the Purpose of Use of Your Data?


Your personal data you share with Mammoth Food, in order to benefit from the Site and the services provided through the Site or the Mobile application, perform your membership registration on the Site, make updates regarding the membership registration, improve the services offered by Mammoth Food and on the Site, introduce new services and In this direction, carrying out the commercial activities, including the necessary information to you, determining and implementing commercial and business strategies, ensuring the legal and commercial safety of the people who are in business relations with Mammoth Food and Mammoth Food and in this context, providing you with the necessary information and fulfilling the obligations arising from the nature of these activities can be processed to be brought.

The personal information in question can be used to communicate with you or to improve your experience on the Site or Mobile application (management of the communication management process, satisfaction research, etc.), as well as making various statistical evaluations that can be used within the scope of internal reporting and business development activities, without revealing your identity. can also be used for database creation and market research purposes. The information in question can be processed, stored, transmitted to third parties by Mammoth Food for direct marketing, digital marketing, remarketing, targeting, profiling and analysis purposes, and for the purpose of notifying various applications, products and services, maintenance and support activities through the said information. can be contacted with.


It is clearly stipulated in the laws,


It is mandatory for the protection of the life or physical integrity of the person who is unable to disclose his consent due to the actual impossibility or whose consent is not legally valid,


It is necessary to process personal data provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of any contract between the Data Owner and Mammoth Food


It is mandatory for Mammoth Food to fulfill its legal obligations,


It has been made public by the Data Owner himself,


Data processing is mandatory for the establishment, use or protection of a right,


Provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the Data Owner, it is mandatory for the legitimate interests of Mammoth Food to process data.


As stated above, Mammoth Food will be able to use cookies and, in this context, process data and transmit it to third parties for the purpose of processing within the scope of analysis services offered by third parties, only to use these analysis services as required. The aforementioned technical communication files are small text files sent by the Site to the Data Owner browser to be stored in the main memory. The technical communication file facilitates the use of the site in this sense by storing the status and preference settings about a website. Technical communication file, to obtain statistical information about how many people use websites in temporal proportion, for what purpose, how many times a person visits a website and how long he stays, and to help dynamically generate advertisements and content from user pages specially designed for users. It is designed and used for these purposes. The technical communication file is not designed to receive any other personal data from the main memory. Most of the browsers are originally designed to accept the technical communication file, but users can always change the browser settings so that the technical communication file does not arrive or the technical communication file is sent.


Who Can Access Your Data?


Mammoth Food will be able to transfer your personal data and new data obtained using this personal data to the site administrators in order to achieve the purposes specified under this Privacy Policy, limited to the provision of such services. In this context, Mammoth Food will also be able to transfer your personal data to legally authorized public institutions and private law persons. Anonymous or limited data transfer can be made to our business partners and suppliers and third parties from whose services they benefit, and in these cases, separate approval can be obtained.

Mammoth Food uses e-mail to improve your user experience (including improvement and personalization), to ensure your security, to detect fraudulent or unauthorized use, to investigate operational evaluation, to correct errors related to Site services and to fulfill any of the purposes in this Privacy Policy. and with third parties such as outsourcing service providers, hosting service providers (hosting services), law firms, including those who send SMS.

As a Data Owner, you agree that the aforementioned third parties may store your personal data on their servers all over the world, provided that you are limited to the aforementioned purposes, and you agree to this in advance.

As the Data Owner, you undertake that your information subject to this Privacy Policy is complete, accurate and up-to-date, and that you will update them immediately in case of any change in this information. If you do not provide up-to-date information, Mammoth Food will not have any responsibility.

As a Data Owner, you accept that you may not be able to take full advantage of the operation of the Site or the Mobile application if you make a request that will result in Mammoth Food's inability to use any of your personal data, and you declare that you will be responsible for all kinds of responsibilities arising in this context.


How Long Do We Keep Your Data?


The personal data you share with Mammoth Food are kept for the period required by the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy and for the period of limitation specified in the relevant legislation of Mammoth Food. In addition, your personal data in question may be kept limited in order to make the necessary defenses within the scope of the dispute in the event of any dispute between you and Mammoth Food.


How Do We Ensure the Security of Your Data?


Mammoth Food, in the terms specified in the relevant legislation or stated in this Privacy Policy,


Personal data are not processed unlawfully,


that personal data are not accessed illegally and


protection of personal data


In order to ensure the appropriate conditions, taking the necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the minimum level of security, the necessary inspections are carried out.

Mammoth Food also does not disclose the personal data it obtains from you in violation of the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the Law on Protection of Personal Data, and does not use it for purposes other than processing.

In case of linking to other applications on the site, Mammoth Food does not bear any responsibility for the privacy policies and contents of the applications and recommends that you review these texts.


Changes in Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time in order to comply with changing conditions and legislation.




As Mammoth Food, we use Cookies to make the most of our websites and to improve your user experience. If you do not prefer to use cookies, you can delete or block Cookies from your browser's settings. However, we would like to remind you that this may affect your use of our websites. Unless you change your cookie settings from your browser, we will assume that you accept the use of cookies on our websites. You can access the regulations regarding the collected data from the Privacy Policy Text on our websites.


What Is A Cookie And Why Is It Used?


Cookies are small text files stored by websites you visit on your device or network server through browsers. For more detailed information, you can visit: and The main purposes of using cookies on the Platform are to improve the services offered to you by increasing the functionality and performance of our websites, to improve our websites and to offer new features on the Platform and to personalize the offered features according to your preferences, to ensure the legal and commercial security of our websites, you and Mammoth Food. to provide


Types of Cookies Used on Our Websites and in the Application Named Mammoth Orders


Session Cookies: Session cookies are temporary cookies used during the visit of our visitors to the Website and deleted after the browser is closed. The main purpose of using such cookies is to ensure the proper functioning of the Website during your visit. For example; You are provided to fill in online forms consisting of multiple pages.


Persistent Cookies: Persistent cookies are types of cookies used to increase the functionality of the Website and to provide a faster and better service to our visitors. These types of cookies are used to remember your preferences and are stored on your device via browsers. Some types of persistent cookies; It can be used to offer you special suggestions, taking into account matters such as your purpose of using the Website. Thanks to persistent cookies, if you visit our Website again with the same device, it will be checked whether there is a cookie created by our Website on your device, and if there is, it will be understood that you have visited the website before and the content to be transmitted to you is determined accordingly and thus a better service is provided to you.


No cookie files are collected in the 'Mammoth Orders' mobile application, where you will use to control the information and content of the products you will sell in order to control or cancel your incoming orders.


Categories of Cookies Used on Our Websites


Technical Cookies: Technical cookies are used to ensure the operation of the website, and the pages and areas of the website that are not working are detected.


Authentication Cookies: When visitors log in to the website using their passwords, such cookies are determined as a site user on each page that the visitor visits on the website, and the user is prevented from re-entering his password on each page.


Customization Cookies: Cookies used to remember users' preferences when visiting different pages of different websites. For example, remembering your chosen language preference.


Analytical Cookies: Analytical cookies are cookies that enable the production of analytical results such as the number of visitors to the website, the detection of the pages displayed on the website, the website visit hours, the scrolling movements of the website pages.


Categories of Cookies Used in Mammoth Orders Application

No cookies are used in the application named Mammoth Orders.

Cookies Used on Our Websites


Google analytics: These types of cookies allow the collection of all statistical data to improve the presentation and use of the Site. By adding data on social statistics and interests to these statistics, Google enables us to better understand users. Our site uses Google Analytics cookies. The data collected with these cookies are transferred to Google servers in the USA and the data in question is kept in accordance with Google's data protection principles. You can click here to learn more about Google's analytical data processing activities and principles on the protection of personal data. Control of Cookies


Technical Cookies Session: Session cookies are used to ensure the continuity of the session. It is possible to accept or decline through browser settings.


Personalization Cookies Language: Records the language chosen by the user and provides options accordingly. Unlimited stays on the computer until setup / deletion from the browser. It is possible to accept or decline through browser settings. Mobile If the user visits the Site from a mobile device, it is used to display the main website. (For example, that the device has Flash enabled), or is on a mobile site that doesn't need Flash. The source site is saved to better understand the user's preferences.


It is possible to accept or decline via the Session Cookie Browser settings.